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Churchill & Blakedown Golf Club, Blakedown, Worcs, DY10 3NB
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Using the latest technology and coaching techniques. You will find no better coaching experience.

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5 reviews
  • Susan Bradley·

    No matter how well you play golf, it always goes wrong at some stage. I had a terrible game last week. Fortunately, I had a lesson booked today. It only takes a few comments and on course practice to put problems right and them wonder why you hadn't realised what was wrong. What I get from a lesson as well, is how to play the course under different weather/course conditions. Don't ever struggle, get a lesson with Angus.

  • Kerry frost·

    Ive just had my second lesson with Angus and i am very happy with the result. Angus was very patient and thorough with me, making sure i understood everything he was explaining to me. I ended up hitting the ball really well filling me with lots of confidence for the future

  • Clark Common·

    Driver fitting, very enjoyable simple experience Angus is very knowledgeable and easy to work with highly recommended

  • Ed Trethewey·

    Another 5* session. Laughter, relaxing and being encouraged to relax over the ball and remain so through the swing gave so many improvements. Great balance of technical insight but also keeping it simple. What are you waiting for, get yourself in for coaching.

  • Sean England·

    Having only recently joined Churchill & Blakedown I have been fortunate to take advantage of the Wednesday Senior Roll Up which has helped a great deal with the understanding of my golf swing.
    During this shared one hour which can be on the course,practice area or in the swing studio Angus provides a relaxed and informative learning experience.
    Following on from these Roll Ups I decided to have a club fitting.Having only six months earlier had a Ping fitting with a well regarded local fitter but had never really felt comfortable with the clubs purchased.The Ping fitting with Angus&Phil was a completely different experience and also resulted in a different shaft length,flex,lie and grip size recommended.The clubs now feel more comfortable in use I and Ilook forward to the coming season knowing that the clubs are right for me.